Motocross, the magazine

June 2018, what a pleasure to receive the visit here, in our space in Piacenza of the director of MOTOCROSS, yes- the legendary Edoardo Pacini, director of the longest-running motocross magazine, since 1971 does not skip a month. Since almost two years with a new style, beautiful graphically, with refined and never banal contents, with stories, interviews and images of great quality and with tests of the latest “scientific” and credible bikes, each number is worth to be collected.
The topic of our meeting, offroad 360-degree. To listen to a guru like Edoardo is always very interesting and if you think, you know already every story related to our sport, you will be surprised by him and consequently by the magazine with new amazing anecdotes.
What a thrill to buy the August issue, browse it at the beach and see the great Matteo Aperio, journalist/ tester and ex motocross champion test the new Yamaha YZF 250 dressed up Ricoò (with new jersey mx STYLE aqua total mesh fabric, pants mx V9 white and gloves mx V9 black).