Ricoò is a brand born from passion for motocross. It offers technical products with innovative details and a constant research for the best quality of materials, fit and style.

Fabrizio Ricupito, founder and designer of Ricoò, expresses his two greatest interests, motocross and design, through the creation of his products.The Ricoò project starts in 2005, when Fabrizio wanted to buy new motocross gear for himself. Not satisfied by the offer on the market, he saw the possibility to create new products that would fulfill the demand of technicity and style.


The technicity of our products derives by maximum wearability. The products are created after designing, testing on track, and improving in every small detail the models and lines of prototypes, ultimately choosing the most suitable materials for durability.

In the offroad range, Ricoò produces two motocross lines: the V9 and the TH01.

  • The V9 is inspired by the past and offers the possibility to create combinations of pants and jersey according to one’s taste. In this line, Ricupito explores, researches and proposes new graphic themes and a great attention to color.
  • The TH01 line has a more minimalistic and refined style, also in the choice of colors that emphasizes the technical aspect.

EICMA 2009

Ricoò made his debut in November 2009, at the EICMA motocycle fair in Milan.