In October 2008 the product development gets started- pants, jerseys and gloves for motocross, enduro and downhill. In November 2009 Ricoò debutes at EICMA in Milan with the two lines of motocross gear V9 and TH01.
In November Ricoò again at EICMA in Milan, exposes a new Th01 with innovative technical details such as waist closure and straps. In exhibition also the prototype of a new back protector for off-road, extendible to match the length of the back in motion. Patented in 2014. In 2011 Ricoò introduces the new motocross jerseys TG and 4P and new color collection for all lines. In 2012 the collaboration between Bonsai Moto and Ricoò starts for the distribution in Japan. The first e-commerce is published. In 2014 Ricoò moves from Milan to Piacenza (Ricoòstyle).
In 2015 the new ThA line is ready, super-ventilated for the hot months. In 2016 new V9 gloves in 5 color variations.

In 2017 in collaboration with ImpossibleGarage Fabrizio creates a Flat-Track line, consisting of leather pants and a variety of cotton jerseys. The V9 pants are improved with a new cut and there is a new print on the calf.
The V9 and 4P jerseys in new graphics and colors, a new Th01 jersey version named ThN with different fit and also changes on the Th01 pants changing name to ThN. New E-commerce.


The first pilot who dressed Ricoò is Graham Jarvis, a phenomenon of extreme enduro, team led by Marco Caribotti. At the Lombardy Regional Championship Ricoò dressed Danny Gambarotti (2010). In 2011 the pilots are: Gambarotti team MRT, Michele Tavelli 3MX TEAM, Jerney Irt, slovenian pilot, Team cross 2R, participates in the European Motocross Championship with excellent results and debuts in the MX2 world.

In 2012 motoclub Bisso Galeto, 3MX TEAM with Pensini moto with the pilots Fabio Pensini, Danilo Musso, Matteo Campostori ans Matteo Borghi, Danny Gambarotti TEAM RT, Alessandro Turitto (italian Championship MX1). Jerney Irt. The team Bordone Ferrari. Team at the Enduro Worldchampionship: Thomas Oldrati, Edoardo D’Ambrosio, Jonathan Manzi (2° place in category E-Junior). Team nat the Rally Worldchampionship: Jordi Viladomus, Gerard Farres, Chaleco Lopez, Allessandro Botturi and Paolo Ceci. Races: Baja, Nicola Dutto. With Samuel Zeni Ricoò makes his debut in the MX2 MX Championship.

2013: Motoclub Lumezzane; Fabio Pensini and Matteo Cavallo team Pensini Moto; Danny Gambarotti Team Motowork; Team Belometti Enduro Worldchampionship with Edoardo D’Ambrosio, Jonathan Manzi and Nicola Piccinini; Team OS2E with the ecuadorian Miguel Cordovez, Daniel Parravicini and Lorenzo Manzoni. Andrea Dovizioso is dressed Ricoò in two motocross races he takes part in: Riders for Riders and Transborgaro.

2014: Fabio Pensini and Matteo Cavallo at the Lombardian regional championship and at the Italian MX Championship. Team OS2E with Miguel Cordovez very successful at the regional Championships and also at the Italian MX Championship.

2016: Simone Albergoni, Enduro champion; Fabio Pensini, Team Pensini Moto makes its debut in the European MX Championship.
Michele Tavelli.

2017: Fabio Pensini, Team Pensini moto, italian and european MX Championship.