Bonsai Co., Ltd. Kanagawa Japan. In 2012 starts the collaboration with Bonsai Moto for the distribution in Japan. Bonsai about Bonsai: “We want to help our motorbike customers to have a rich, exciting and accomplished motorcycle life. That is why we have only products with high originality, which satisfy our customers completely! We hope to participate in the happiness of all Japanese MX and Enduro pilots by buying a great article for themselves.”

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Ren Ishidoya. Born in 1991,he started with motocross, moved then on to Enduro. He is on the 5th place of the rankings of the top class. Bonsai is convinced of the great future as a pilot of this skinny driver, in any category.
2015 JNCC (All Japananes Enduro) AA2 class champion
JEC (Japananes Enduro championship) N class ranking 4th place
2016 JNCC (All Japananes Enduro) AA1 class 5th place
JEC (Japananes Enduro championship) IB class ranking 3rd place

Takahiro Maehashi. Born in 1996. Already as a child he rides his motorcycle with great passion. As result he won the Japananese Enduro Championship very early. After the great challenge of the ISDE, the Japanese Enduro world expects a great growth as a pilot in the future.
2015 All Japan Enduro Championship 1st place IB class
2016 All Japan Enduro Championship 3rd place IA class