Motocross Pensini Team

We are following the smart and talented Fabio, Team Pensini Moto, since his first debut. Pensini Moto is situated in Tirano, Valtellina, Italy, distant from any motocross tracks, so for his training he has to travel hundreds of miles. Nevertheless Fabio has a strong desire to emerge , its growth is constant and the improvements are encouraging.
The support of his dad, Mik Pensini, helped him certainly also from a technical point of view. Mik is a great preparer, 40 years of experience, he passed from trial to motocross following the passion of his son.
Fabio’s main feature: “holeshot” (start first), always dressed Ricoò.

Ricoò Style – Pensini Mx from Ricoò Style on Vimeo.

Photo – Alessandro Giuzio

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