Wild days 2017. Deus Swank Rally Varano

On Thursday, May 27, took place the third event of Deus Swank Rally “Wild Days” in Varano, Italy, a Vintage motocycle and Enduro show – motocycles rigorously with knobbed tires! Various disciplines among them the “Dirt Temple” dedicated to cross, enduro and scrambler motocycles.

Fabrizio raced with a beautiful KTM GS 340 from 1979. An amazing journey back in time and many hours on the motocycle. He left at home the old pants of M. Robert’s from 1983 and decided to wear something more effective and comfortable: Ricoò pants V9 black from the very first edition with leather knee protections and a perforated Ricoò jersey TG with white and black checkers.

First part of the race, the “fenced” area on the hill near the racecourse, fast, funny and with a nice climb that ends with a great jump, always funny for those with a motocross soul. Much more technical the second part, the “fenced” area on the hills with its curves in counterslope or in leaning. This exciting and inspiring experience in a beautiful landscape has once again allowed us to share our passion for motocycles with other riders who love like us conviviality and authenticity.

Photo: Marco Campelli, Francesco Ferrari, Marco Renieri.


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